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Side Hustle Startup Podcast
"Why Are You Doing This CJ?"
(Because I Hated My First Home Business)
This Podcast Is Dedicated To Showing You HOW I'm Building my Home Business
WITHOUT Chasing My Tail!
The First Time I Joined A Home Business
I burnt so many relationships with friends and family...
PISSED OFF! I went Off To...
1) Learn How To Do Real Online Marketing 
2) Create systems and automation that would PRE-QUALIFY people and AUTO-ENROLL Real Marketers!
... Surprising, It Actually Happened... 
"What Are Others Saying
About The Side Hustle Startup Show...?"
The Internet Is Here... So Why Not Use IT!
 Your Upline Won't Teach You How To Be A Marketer
- So they tell you to treats your friends and family like numbers
 Most MLM'ers Are The Exact Same!
- If you really want people to buy for you then give them an actual reason!
 One-To-Many Sales Conversations Is The Key...
- Using a working marketing and sales system is the only way to create freedom! 
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